Our commitment to sustainability extends to the environmental impacts of our people, our activities and our products and services. As a global leader in a more sustainable future, Techtrol focuses on providing lubricant solutions and improving industrial productivity. We continue to find ways to reduce the company’s impact on the environment and to integrate sustainability throughout our business.


Our Climate Commitment


In 2014, Techtrol publicly committed to increase its energy efficiency and reduce the greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) related to its operations and products. The company’s Climate Commitment includes:

$500 million investment in product-related research and development to fund long-term GHG reduction

35 percent reduction in the greenhouse gas footprint of its own operations by 2020

Techtrol Climate Commitment has enabled the avoidance of 11 million metric tons of CO2e globally from its products compared to a 2013 baseline, equal to the emissions from the energy used in 1.6 million homes for one year. The company also has reduced the GHG intensity of its operations by 37.1 percent when compared to a 2013 baseline.


Sustainable governance structure


We approach sustainability by integrating it into how we operate and help our customers succeed.

Our commitment to sustainability comes from the beginning of our organization. The responsibility for these best practices is in the hands of our Internal Sustainability Council, a group of corporate executives that provide guidance on business, social and environmental issues. important. In addition, we rely on the expertise of the External Sustainable Advisory Council that includes global thought leaders on infrastructure, energy policy and technology.

On a daily basis, Techtrol Center for Energy Efficiency & Sustainability (CEES), a group of company experts, integrates sustainability into businesses. The CEES Group facilitates corporate sustainability work with governmental and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), universities, and industry and technology leaders. These partnerships enable us to implement best practices in sustainability in areas such as product innovation, employee engagement, operations, supply chains and advocacy.

Governance, ethics and risk management

Techtrol’s core values ​​- Integrity, Respect, Teamwork, Innovation and Courage – are the foundation of our long-term success. Integrity leads this list of values ​​because it is the foundation for our 146-year reputation as a company that can be trusted by employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and communities. we operate. Integrity is the foundation for our corporate governance philosophy. We not only operate according to the laws and the highest standards of ethical behavior, but also do what is relevant to our stakeholders, the environment and society.

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