Our Employment Benefits

Why do we like to work here

Employees thrive when they flourish in both professional and personal life. Techtrol offers benefits and support programs both. It is our employee benefits that make us different from our competitors and make us the chosen employer. We have asked our staff to vote on their favorite interests and let us know what they love about them. See what they said!

Flexible work

The world of work is changing. People are increasingly seeking non-traditional ways to develop their careers while adapting to the changing needs of life. Techtrol supports innovative solutions that meet business and employee needs and better leverage the skills and capabilities of part-time employees, retirees and outside talent networks.

We are redefining what flexible, progressive work arrangements look like at Techtrol.

“As a mother with small children, part-time work allows me to have both a career and a family. I spent more time at home to take care of my family. Then, when I was in the office, I I can always focus on my work, I will always be grateful for Techtrol’s opportunity to give me everything. “- Stephanie

My partner shares my work and I’m committed to serving our customer group to ensure we succeed and businesses are supported. Our customer group really has the opportunity to work with two seasoned professionals who have very different passion & skills. Part-time work, job sharing arrangements allow me to focus more on my family while still serving my customers. “- Kinda

Resource group staff

Techtrol is committed to integrating diversity and bringing into the core of our business. The diverse workforce management capability enables Techtrol to promote innovation, achieve higher productivity and serve our customers more effectively and efficiently. Listen to some Resource Group members Our staff of diversity is part of our culture.

The support of the Ing Techtrol team of the Black Staff Network (BEN) has had a profound positive impact on my personal work experience. Now I can be comfortable and proud to bring my honest self to work, and it is invaluable to know that I have the support of the organization in this. As a leader at BEN, I had the opportunity to expand my leadership skills and a safe place to try new things.

Volunteer activities

We take pride in improving the communities where we live and work. From volunteering with local charities, giving scholarships to children of staff, aid organizations to our employees and their families when disaster strikes – Techtrol encourages us to create difference.

“Volunteering to work with my team for our locally successful outfits is a great day – knowing that we make a difference for women in our community means a lot to me. and I’m proud that I work somewhere to help others prioritize ”- Caroline

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