Early career

Whether you are a recent graduate who wishes to start a business with a diverse global market leader, or a student interested in a life-changing or cooperative opportunity, Techtrol can make it happen unlike anyone. We are constantly looking for the best and brightest to join us. If it is you, we will focus on your development from the first and throughout your career, giving you great learning opportunities, diverse challenges and leadership exposure. high level. If you are interested in becoming one of the early, dynamic, rewarding talent selections for your career with Techtrol, explore the world-class development or internship and development programs. we  .

An internship with Techtrol is an ideal way to gain experience and exposure that can lead to a rewarding career for us. We offer challenging opportunities for high-achieving college students pursuing degrees in engineering, operations, supply chains, finance, accounting, marketing, public / information systems. Information technology and sales. We also look for students pursuing a master’s degree in human resources. Internal tasks / collaborating with Techtrol are not only challenging and expanding your capabilities – they also impact businesses. Our trainees and colleagues have been involved in developing marketing strategies for new products, creating new standards for talent management and talent development, and working with suppliers for important material needs. With us, you will have the opportunity to visit production facilities, contact Techtrol leaders and present a meaningful project with a senior leader in your term. Your progress will be monitored and measured the same way we develop full-time employees – giving you invaluable career experience in one of the world’s largest companies. The ideal Techtrol internship / cooperation candidate will:

Pursuing a level related to your target functional area

Experienced leadership in clubs, student organizations, etc.

Has strong communication and communication skills

Mobile geography

Techtrol provides a competitive salary for trainees and colleagues, and a successful mission can lead to a full-time job offer.

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