Community relations

Through innovations and dedication to corporate citizens and sustainability, we seek to create a positive impact on societies around the world. Our products help conserve energy, improve user safety, increase economic growth, increase global harvest productivity and provide a range of other benefits for society. We continue to identify ways to improve the work we do, the products we create and to meet our commitments to our customers, colleagues and communities.

Our focus on reasonable environmental, safety and health protection activities is leading to a reduction in the use of hazardous substances; reduce waste and emissions; improving energy and water conservation; reuse and recycle more materials; and prevention of accidents and injuries in our operations. Our employees lead this effort in our facilities, and they extend their interest and concern to the communities where we work by contributing donations and volunteering time and Their service to provide support and relief to our neighbors when needed.

We volunteer

Ingersoll Rand has a long and proud history to support the good work of charities around the world. Each year, Ingersoll Rand contributes both time and financial support to the communities where we live and work. We will continue to align charitable and community outreach efforts with our core business strengths in terms of efficiency, comfort and safety.

We focus on areas such as food preservation, safe environments and high-performance buildings that deliver optimal comfort and indoor air quality, research on the learning environment and the family. ideal, improved energy efficiency and more. Through these efforts, we are creating a meaningful difference in people’s lives and helping to improve communities around the world.

Blue team

One of our most successful participation programs is our Green Group of volunteer groups that focus on reducing Ingersoll Rand’s environmental footprint and improving overall operations. Since being formalized in 2011, teams focus on awareness and education, as well as overall activities and have long collaborated with the community in efforts to build Habitat and clean up the public. tablets. Sites with Green Groups score higher in the 2012 census survey than sites without Green Groups. The results of another recent survey showed that the volunteers in the Blue Team were less likely to seek jobs elsewhere and were more likely to recommend a friend to Ingersoll Rand to find work. In 2013, this data was published in Andy Savitz’s book Talents, Conversions and Bottom Line.

Milestones in 2016

2.4 million lbs of waste transferred from landfill

2,064 tons of CO2e reduced

48 billion BTU saved

Save 2.2 million gallons of water

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